Monday, October 1, 2012

Product Development

I have been working the last few days to develop some of the product I will be offering on my website. Both of the products I have been testing are ones that I have been making for years. There are a number of reasons to test the recipes even though I am very comfortable with the recipe performance.

First, in order to get the cost for the product where the operation will be profitable I need to purchase them in bulk and some of the original ingredients are not available in bulk or in a form that makes the recipe less labor intensive. Fortunately with some research I have been able to find higher quality ingredients at a lower cost than the ones I have been using!

Second, once all of the ingredients have been determined I need to have the nutritional information for the products calculated. I am very excited to see the nutritional information, it makes the product so official.

Third I am working on packaging. I need to make sure the product is not damaged by the packaging and that the packaging will insure product freshness when received by the customer.

Last I have started testing how the products ship, what condition the packaging as well as the products are in when they are received. Part of this is also finding packaging and shipping containers.

With a good amount of focus and hard work product should be available soon!

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