Monday, July 18, 2011

What About Marzipan?

After I ranted about fondant yesterday I have found a delicious option, marzipan. It may not be as versatile as fondant but it definitely makes a beautiful cake. One could also argue that it is a local food as we have almond orchards within 250 miles of Los Angeles! For those of you who say marzipan is too sweet I say - dessert is supposed to be sweet, eat less!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What the F#*@ant!

Yes I just dropped the "F" bomb, Fondant! Which is more important, beauty or taste? After recent years of watching fondants becoming the preferred medium for finishing specialty cakes, I finally got to use it myself. Back to my earlier question, I think taste is more important. I am troubled by the wast involved in what I presume is millions of pounds of fondant that are being sold only to be ripped off a piece of cake before eating and ultimately thrown away. Couldn't the ingredients in fondant be made into something more appetizing and used to help feed some of the hungry in this world? What do you think?