Friday, October 19, 2012

Hanover Road is Open!

I have probably mentioned many times before that I was raised in the small rural community of Hanover, Colorado. Most of my childhood years were spent on the family farm at the end of Hanover Road. I learned to bake in the kitchen of that house.

Fast forward 40 years. Over the past 2 years I have turned my life in a whole new direction than I had taken for most of my adult life, I followed my passion for baking and cooking, and became a pastry chef. 

For most of this summer I have been working to build a website where I can sell small batch, artisanal products directly to the public. My website is finally ready for its debut, Modern technology is amazing! I am very pleased that I was able to set up a very sophisticated e-commerce website all by myself. I look forward to adding more product as I get them developed and working continually to improve the site. Here are the initial two offerings:

Please visit my site today! I hope you will enjoy your visit as much as I enjoyed building it.

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