Thursday, December 15, 2011

Culinary IQ: Thursday, December 15, 2011: Rolled Cookies

The Jewel of the Holiday

No other cookies lends itself to decorating like the rolled cookie does. Rolled cookies are made from a dough that is firm enough to be rolled out to a defined thickness and then cut into shapes using a cookie cutter. The dough holds its shape during baking. The cookies are usually decorated in some way after baking.

The most popular rolled cookie is the sugar cookies because it is delicious and the perfect palate for decorating. Another popular rolled cookie is gingerbread, a perennial favorite. Cookie cutters come in a daunting number of shapes. You can find a cookie cutter for almost any holiday or special occasion.

Decorating rolled cookies can be as simple as sprinkling with sugar or as elaborate as drawing or painting designs on them with icing. Many edible decorations are available for cookies including edible metallic dusts and glitter. Try cutting holes in your rolled cookies and sprinkling crushed colored hard candies like Lifesavers in the holes before baking, the result will be a stain glass cookie. Royal icing is a very versatile decorating ingredient when making rolled cookies, it can be used to glue cookies together or thinned, colored and spread on cookies. It is also very good for adhering other decorating ingredients to your cookies like sprinkles, etc.

Rolled cookies make a very entertaining project for children's parties. Cookies and ingredients can be made ahead so children can decorate them as they desire. Decorated rolled cookies also make wonderful decorations for the home or tree.

Have some fun, decorate some beautiful holiday cookies!

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