Monday, December 12, 2011

Culinary IQ: Monday, December 12, 2011; Cookies

Quintessential Christmas!

What other food says Christmas like cookies. It is obvious when you look at the December editions of most major food publications. Almost every one of them runs multiple cookie recipes for their December issues. After all, cookies can be simple or elaborately decorated, one recipe can make a variety of designs, rolled cookies for example can be cut into different shapes and each one decorated differently. Decorations range from simple icing to edible jewel like decorations.

This week I am going to discus the various types of cookies and possibly share a few of my favorite recipes along the way. The following are the most common types of cookies made in the home kitchen.

Drop - a soft batter that is dropped onto a baking sheet and baked. The cookie usually bakes into a moist soft cookie.

Bar - a batter that is baked in a large baking pan and then cut into individual size servings.

Rolled - a stiff or refrigerated dough that is rolled out to a defined thickness and cookies are cut from the dough

Formed - a stiff or refrigerated dough that is formed into a shape usually by hand and baked.

Composed - cookies that are baked and then combined with a filling or coating to create the final product.

Refrigerator is sometimes referred to as type of cookie but it is actually a process in producing a dough that can be used in the types of cookies that require a firm dough. Mixing dough can soften the ingredients to the point that they cannot be formed properly. Refrigerating the dough firms the ingredients to where they can be rolled out or formed into the desired shapes.

Tomorrow I will discuss bar cookies and share one of my favorite recipes with you.

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