Thursday, October 7, 2010

You don't learn to cook!

"Even though it is called "cooking" school most people don't go to school to learn to cook, they already know how to cook and come to school to improve technique, learn how to cook in a professional setting and most of all to learn the history and get an understanding of how it all started." An excerpt form Cuisine Foundations by the Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu.

I believe that is true. I can say that after cooking for most of my life and teaching myself most of the techniques I have used, I am learning new techniques for many of the preparations I have used over the years and I am also learning the technique for things I have always wanted to attempt.

Today I learned the proper way to segment and orange and it made the orange so much more pleasant to eat.  I also learned how to make Dent de Loup (Wolfs Teeth) from a lemon. Something I have always wanted to do and have attempted from time to time without success. Now I now how!

It is interesting how one seems to attract things that they are interested in or involved in. Today I was in the car after class and was listening to a cooking channel on the radio. All of the sudden the were talking about Auguste Escoffier who is considered the grandfather of French cuisine and is best known as the "King of Chefs". We just learned about him in class last week. Now would I have still heard about him on the radio if I was still selling Title Insurance?

Next week I have to make a presentation in Food Safety and Sanitation on the Norovirus. So look for the movie coming to a theater near you!


  1. Hi Cresty,

    i must say i like your blog a lot. i don't have to pay tuition to learn all about the special things you are learning. From Martha to Creston, you will be my teacher.
    you are inspiring me to do my blog. i am off to italy tomorrow, so see you when i get back. i will be like julia robert's discovering my desires and wishes while crying throughout my trip!
    a sante. jw

  2. Cresty, it's me again, there's no website under that name??? jw