Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Culinary IQ: Wednesday, November 16, 2011; Fillings

Why Don't You Fill Me Up
Pie fillings are something I have a lot of opinions about. First and most important, I get totally frustrated when I make a pie for the first time and the filling doesn't come anywhere close to completely filling the size pie shell the recipe calls for. Another thing that totally annoys me is a pie filling that runs when the pie is cut, I will make an exception for some fruit pies. 

Enough of my opinions. I may have mentioned before that the recipes I enjoy making the most are simple, wholesome and hearty so forgive me for only discussing some of the most commonly made pies here:

Fruit: Fillings are made from cooked or uncooked fresh, frozen, cooked, canned or even dried fruit. Apple, Cherry and Peach are popular examples of fruit fillings.

Cream: The filling is pre-made from a custard or mousse, spread in a previously baked pastry or crumb crust. Chocolate and Coconut Cream are great cream pies.

Chiffon: The use of gelatin in their preparation distinguishes them from other types. Lemon Chiffon pie comes to mind.

Custard: The filling is uncooked custard poured over an unbaked bottom crust, without a top one. Both are baked together. Classic Pumpkin and Pecan Pie are examples of custard pies.

Main Dish: Main-dish pie options include quiches with egg, vergetable and meat fillings.

Tomorrow I will discuss some common toppings and on Friday I will give you some tips for making sure your Thanksgiving pies are the family favorite!

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